Class Outline

This class uses a comprehensive curriculum in both the anatomy and physiology of birth and in the spiritual and scriptural aspects.  That’s a lot of material to cover in a short period of time!  Classes will move quickly, but there will be time for questions and discussion to ensure that parents are well educated.  You will see early on that attendance and attentiveness are imperative. In the 8 classes we’ll have together we’ll be talking about these topics and much more:

Class 1 – The Goodness of Healthy Prenatal Habits
Class 2 – The Faithfulness of God’s Design
~Pregnancy Anatomy
~Prenatal Development
Class 3 – Techniques for Self-Control and Relaxation
~1st Stage Labor
~The Kindness of Coaching in first stage
Class 4 – The Joy of New Life
~2nd Stage, 3rd Stage
~Pushing positions
~The Kindness of Coaching in second and third stages
Class 5 – Peace of Mind
~Variations and Complications
~Birth Plans
Class 6 – Labor of Love
~Advanced 1st and 2nd stage
~1st and 2nd stage review
Class 7 – The Patience of Breastfeeding
~Anatomy and Physiology of the Breast
~Latch, Positions, and Supply
~Working and Pumping
~Solids and Weaning
Class 8 – The Gentleness of Postpartum and Parenting
~Resting and Bonding
~Sleeping and Crying
~Babywearing and Cloth Diapers
~Birth Control