Message from Tiffany

My name is Tiffany and I am a Bible-believing wife and mama.  My husband and I married over 11 years ago and have 5 children, with one on the way.  When we were pregnant with our first baby we took a childbirth class that taught us how to have our baby without medical intervention.  He was born in a hospital without medication, pain relief, or other intervention, using only the natural techniques we learned in our class.  I was so empowered as a woman and mother, and my husband as an integral part of our birth team, that we both became certified teachers and taught the method for 7 years.  

During that time and the years following, we had 4 more babies, all of which were born at home with a midwife and an assistant – something I would have been afraid of had I not been trained in the way my body was Created and birth was Designed.  I also became certified through a breastfeeding organization to help support and educate women in breastfeeding, and I'm homeschooling my children because education is a passion the Lord gave me.  I've read many resources on the supernatural and spiritual aspects surrounding labor, birth, and breastfeeding, and yet could not find a quality curriculum that encompasses both the technical aspects and the spiritual in a well-planned format.  Thus was born Biblical Birth.

This is my heart's desire – to empower husbands and wives to have true depth of understanding of the birth they can have according to the Word of God.  It is imperative to know the technical aspects of the body and birth to achieve the birth we want to have, and to have understanding of the Creative Design and Craftsmanship behind it all, but it's also important to have the scriptural understanding of the Heart behind the Design.  We also need to move beyond knowledge to wisdom and discernment to know when to trust in the Lord that our bodies were Purposefully Designed to do this, and when to seek intervention because something is not working according to the plan.  There are many times when natural techniques can change the course of a labor or birth if need be, but there are also times when medical intervention is necessary, and we are grateful to live in a time where life-saving techniques are readily available. The vast majority of the time, though, with education, physical training, and wisdom, families can have a natural, intervention-free birth.  I hope to encourage, empower, educate, and support families in bringing a new eternal being into the family God has prepared for it.

I'd love to share my passion with you!  We'll be talking about healthy pregnancy, stages of labor, pushing positions, variations of  'normal', all things breastfeeding, some related parenting topics, and so much more, all through the scope of scripture!