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Tara Smith, HBCE and Senior Instructor

Tara Smith is a mom of 4, a wife to her best friend for 10 years now, is a childbirth educator, and above all, a follower of Jesus.  In addition, she has been a student midwife, birth doula, professional assistant, and Hypnobirthing instructor.

Tara feels as though God has given her the mission of sharing with parents how childbirth can be a transformative experience that can also bring them closer to God at the same time.

Over the Last 8 Years Tara has Taught Over 5,000 Students in the Area of Childbirth

Tara started working in the medical field 12 years ago, and over the last 8 years Tara has taught over 5,000 students in the area of childbirth.  Since then she has been featured in many publications, and is considered an expert in her field.

In addition, every year she takes around 50 hours of continuing education in order to keep her certifications as a birthing instructor, as well as to stay informed and up to date on the latest medical information in the area of childbirth and guiding others through it.

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She also Used Her Own Biblical Birth Method for Baby #4

Tara has both worked and given birth to her own babies in hospitals, birthing centers, as well as at home.  Tara used Hypnobirthing for her 2nd and 3rd births, and she also used her own Biblical Birth method for baby #4, which yielded to her an incredible spiritual birth.

Tara believes that parents should be aware of all of their options in the process of childbirth so they can make the most informed decisions during the birth of their baby.  She feels that while it’s important for moms to be healthy in order for their babies to be healthy, that there is more to know and understand for the optimal childbirth.

Tara is passionate about educating families, students, and in helping families not only have pleasant and transformative birthing experiences, but to also help bring families closer to God.

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