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Biblical Birth Classes are Rated

What is Biblical Birth?

Making Childbirth as Simple, Comfortable, Enjoyable, and Supernatural as Possible

Option 1: Tara’s signature childbirth course is called Biblical Birth.  

The Biblical Birth course is a faith-based comprehensive Christian Online Childbirth Class course with added meditations on God’s word and Christian affirmations.

This course will help expecting mothers and their partners to make the entire childbirth process as smooth and as painless as possible, as well as, to prepare couples mentally, emotionally, and spiritually to have an amazing and transformative birthing experience.

The course includes approximately 7 hours of class lecture videos, 3 pre-recorded Christian meditations, 2 scripture-based affirmation recordings (one for mom and one for dad), 7 scripture readings, and ongoing support from the instructor. Takes approx. 10 hrs total to complete. 

Online Childbirth Classes
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Crash Course

Core Essentials
$ 9
One Time Payment
  • Class Video
  • Audio Affirmations
  • Great Introduction
  • Real Support From Tara Not A Third Pary
  • Free updates and revisions
  • 5,000+ Happy Students
  • 100+ 5 Star Ratings
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Full Childbirth Class

Full Comprehensive Childbirth Method
$ 99
One Time Payment
  • Class Videos
  • Audio Affirmations
  • Reading Materials & Interactive Studies
  • Real Support From Tara Not A Third Pary
  • Free updates and revisions
  • 5,000+ Happy Students
  • 100+ 5 Star Ratings

Childbirth Course curriculum:

What to Expect in the Christian HypnoBirthing Course, Biblical Birth

Class 1

  • Nutrition
  • Exercise 
  • How to get baby into a good Position
  • Birth Hormones and how they work
  • Lemon Experience
  • Scripture Affirmations, Affirmations for Mom, Affirmations for Dad
  • Bible Reading Romans 5- The Holy Spirit’s Power
  • Watch this birth video. Birth can be beautiful and peaceful.

Class 2

  • Bonding with Baby & Preparing to Parent
  • Communication excersise
  • What We Learn Before We are Born Ted Talk
  • 4 Topics communication exercise
  • 3 Breathing Techniques to get you through labor
  • Bible Reading James 1- Faith
  • Birth Video: Look at how at peace she looks

Class 3

  • How to Start Your Prayerful Christian Meditation Practice and why it is so benefical
  • Prayerful Pregnancy Meditation
  • Picking the Right Care Provider for You. SO IMPORTANT!
  • Questions to Ask Your Care Provider so you know if they are right for you
  • 20 Questions to Ask on Your Hospital Tour
  • Bible Reading Matthew 6- Prayer
  • Adorable Spiritual Birth Video

Class 4

  • What to expect at the end of Pregnancy
  • Braxton Hicks, Prodromal Labor
  • Eating and drinking during labor and why it’s so important
  • How to Use the Peanut Ball
  • How to know it’s true labor
  • Natural Ways to start labor and avoid an induction
  • Inductions and Epidurals and the BETTER ways of doing them to reduce risk for mom and baby
  • Bible Reading Philippians 4- Fear
  • Birth Video. What a Calm Mama!

Class 5

  • First Stage of Labor, What to Expect, Partners Role
  • How to do a Double Hip Squeeze
  • Massage and Coping Techniques
  • Active Labor, Transferring to Birth Location, Birth Partners Role
  • What to Pack in your Birth Bag
  • How to set up your Hospital room to encourage labor
  • How to communicate with hospital staff and your provider
  • Important questions to ask if anything comes up
  • Bible Reading Psalms 145- Gratitude and Praise
  • Birth Video Highlighting Dad’s Role

Class 6

  • All about Transition and Pushing
  • How to push to prevent tearing
  • Birth Preferences/ Birth Plan
  • IV options and the Pros and Cons of IV fluid
  • Monitoring options
  • Episiotomy Info
  • Delayed cord clamping
  • Gratitude Meditation
  • Postpartum Care for Mom and Baby
  • Eye ointment, bathing baby, vitamin K shot, Hep B vaccine
  • Breech Baby at Home Birth Video!
  • Just in Case: Family-Centered Cesarean Plan

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What religion is the class? This class is not taught from the perspective of any specific denomination of Christianity, but its spiritual basis is on Biblical scripture focusing on building your relationship with Jesus Christ. Catholics, Protestants, Mormons, and anyone else who considers themselves spiritual or in a relationship with Jesus Christ would find this class in line with and supporting their beliefs. This class uses scientific evidence-based medicine to support the information that is taught to you.
  2. Does my partner watch the videos with me? Absolutely! I highly recommend the birth support person take the class and watch all videos with mama. The partner plays an especially important role during birth and should be trained and ready to be involved and hands-on. This is a huge opportunity for dad to become bonded and deepen the relationship with his partner, his baby, and his God by doing so.
  3. How can Hypnobirthing be Christian and is it Biblical? I grew up in church, but during a time in my life, I was straying from God. I became a HypnoBirthing instructor during that time and it is very much based in New age. God woke me up to this, and my wandering and drew me back to him. That’s when I had my 4th baby and what I consider a supernatural birth experience. I felt God so close. He delivered me from my discomfort and gave me the wisdom to create this class. 
    In Biblical Birth, I don’t teach “hypnosis”. I teach meditation and relaxation techniques. Meditation based on the Biblical principle to “meditate on God’s word day and night”. The meditations use relaxation techniques to relax you and then insert Bible verses with comforting promises to gently remind mamas of how God cares for us. 
    The relaxation techniques are well known techniques in the fields of medicine and science such as slow deep breathing, aroma therapy, massage techniques, ect. I believe science proves what God tells us to do in the Bible is medically good for us. The relaxation practice is meant to teach the Biblical principle of surrendering to God’s will for you during life, of course, but specifically during pregnancy and childbirth. 

Option 2: Game-Changing Childbirth Crash Course

This is a quick and simple childbirth crash course that will change the game. This information will change the way you birth and will help you understand why the mindset you have about birth is so important. Price is $9.99

Course curriculum
Class 1

Welcome to the course!

A message from Tara

How to use this course

Before we begin…

Class 2
Let’s get started!

Watch This Birth Video! Birth CAN be comfortable and beautiful!

The Most Important Thing to Understand- Mindset/The Birthing Hormones

The Lemon Experience

10 Tips for the Birth Partner

Birth Video Highlighting Support Persons Role

Class 3
Next Steps…

Congrats! Here’s what’s next…Listening to Affirmations

Affirmations for Mom

More resources for you

Before you go…